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Octopus offers a selection of Autopilot Drive Systems that are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and years of reliable service on a wide range of vessels. Unscrew and save the End Plugs located on the ends of the Hose and Hydraulic Ram. Half the Power Consumption Gear pumps leak oil between the gears, while a piston (such as used in car engines) does not. Octopus Autopilot Pump Type 3 Adjustable Reversing Pump w/Shut-Off Valve - 12V up to 30ci Cylinder: Amazon. SPECIALTY PUMP LINE Hydraulic Motor Crossover Relief MCX Series motor - An RPMC series motor which contains an integral crossover relief valve Flows up to 20 GPM and pressures up to 3000 psi D Series motor - An MD series motor which contains an external crossover relief block Flows up to 40 GPM and pressures up to octopus hydraulic pump assembly manual 2500 psi Hydraulic Pump Integral Relief CX Series pump - A C series pump which. As Octopus pumps will always bring the ram back to the required position the Rudder Feedback unit is not required, which also greatly simplifies installation. Linear ActuatorsOCTAF1012LAM7An Octopus Hydraulic Linear Actuator is a simple, effective way to drive the rudder on a boat equipped with a mechanical steering system. com: Industrial & Scientific.

This manual includes information for the installation, maintenance, and minor repair of Series 90 axial piston closed circuit pumps. It includes a description of the unit and its individual components, troubleshooting information, and minor repair procedures. Relief, Check, Manual Release Valve Kit W/Micro-Switch. This assembly is mounted on the rudder tiller-arm or quadrant. Octopus linear drives are available with a large range of stroke and pump sizes.

Pay special attention to the notes, cautions and warnings. Reversing pumps are used when hydraulic steering is fitted on boats up to 65 feet L. The linear actuator is an assembly of an Octopus reversing pump and a marine hydraulic cylinder. HYDRAULIC REVERSING PUMP POWERBOAT SYSTEMS www.

It is important to select. This comprehensive parts manual offers detailed illustrations along with complete part numbers for the Bobcat 743 Skid Steer. No other autopilot pump made offers such advantages.

com 10 TWICE THE POWER The Octopus piston pump delivers over twice the hydraulic output per watt of input than a hydraulic gear pump. Mechanical Linear Drive by Octopus®. Instruction Manuals and Repair Parts Sheets Product details page for Instruction Manuals and Repair Parts Sheets is loaded.

GENERAL INFORMATION (Note: SP20B pumps DO NOT have Wear Plates) 1. Drives are suitable for boats up to 80ft (24. Replace the entire pump assembly if parts are ex- 3. EF SPX Fenner Stone Start Solenoid. The three-column format used in this Service Manual will help make it easy for you to service a hydraulic pump. The unique Octopus piston pump delivers over twice the hydraulic output per watt of input than a standard hydraulic gear pump. A heat pump is maintenance-free and once installed, does not need additional adjustment. It contains all you need to know to keep your Bobcat 743 Skid Steer working correctly.

There are graduations on the end frame of the motor octopus hydraulic pump assembly manual (+ or -) so you can rotate the motor for more fluid or less fluid. What is an octopus pump? There should be adequate space to lay out the parts in the manner in which they were disassembled or INLET SIDE CAVITY 9 2 INLET SIDE. When assembling and disassembling pumps, the work area should be clean and dry.

There is a manual override leg or dump valve with a trailer style c onnector or a packard style connector. Securely screw the Hose into the Hydraulic Ram. You will find that this parts catalog/manual is an indispensable source of detailed information and is the only parts manual. 8 out of 5 stars 6 5. FM 5-499 i FM 5-499 Field Manual Headquarters No. Check all components for burrs, pump in a vise to avoid distorting any pump compo- scoring, nicks and other damage.

The Octopus drive was not only less expensive than the proprietary unit, but more importantly provided utility and convenience with its longer travel and remotely mounted pump. Octopus is a division of CMP Group Ltd. We hold patents on several unique devices that enhance drive performance, and supply drives to most of the marine industry’s leading autopilot manufacturers for resale within their autopilot packages. The flow rate of the pump can be set to get the best hard over time (cylinder ram speed) for the particular boat. Reliable – Only three moving parts, increasing reliability Efficient – Three times more efficient, half the battery consumption Adjustable Flow Rate – Configure performance to suit your vessel. Previously, slop in the system caused by gear leakage meant that a Rudder Feedback unit was necessary to tell the pilot the exact rudder position.

Benefits of octopus hydraulic pump assembly manual the Octopus Reversing PumpsPiston pump technology giving higher efficiency and accuracy Fewer moving parts giving increased reliability Variable flow rate to make sure the pump is matched as accurately as possible to the manual steering system Professional cut off valves for simple. 4m) – 44,000lbs. Find great deals on eBay for Fenner Pump in Hydraulic Pumps.

This means the piston pump will place the. What is an octopus variable flow reversing pump? An Octopus Hydraulic Linear Actuator is a simple, effective way to drive the rudder on a boat equipped with a mechanical steering system. Muncie Power Products is a leading manufacturer of power take-offs (PTO), hydraulic components such as pumps, motors, cylinders, valves and reservoirs, and snow & ice removal products. The LAR is a remote mounted pump and the LAM has the pump mounted on the cylinder. (depending on rudder torque). Hydraulic Pumps on the Krumbuster Help Revolutionize Crumb Rubber Production J. Parts Manual Series 90 55cc Axial Piston Pump AX00000089en-US 520L08 February Variable displacement pump Common parts Order Date Date Qty.

Column 1 illustrates the procedure with photographs, Column 2 gives a brief key for each step, and Column 3 explains in detail the procedure you should follow. $ AA SPX Stone Hydraulics Pump Coupling K40 SPX Fenner Stone Seal Kit for Hydraulic Gear Pump. 2 l/sec Type 2 Autopilot Pump (OCTAFby Octopus®. All adjustments (except room. per Code Item Begin End Part Number Part Name Model/Kit CPiston assembly (SBCSlipper guide 1.

and has been designing, manufacturing and marketing autopilot drives for over 20 years. The Autopilot Electronics will have to be purchased separately through a Marine Electronics Distributor. ASSEMBLY To assemble Hydraulic Ram, Pump Unit, and Attachments 1. The output of the Octopus pumps is adjustable by loosening the 2 allen screws that attach the pump to the motor. ASSEMBLY TO ASSEMBLE HYDRAULIC RAM, PUMP UNIT, AND ATTACHMENTS 1.

12V Autopilot Pump by Octopus®. Manually pump air, water, or hydraulic fluid through your system so you can test for leaks. The pumps are switched on by the automatic pilot and make a steering correction to. Pumps in Hydraulic Systems are Key to Tire Recycling Solution for. 20% Off Flange Spreaders and Alignment Tools. The manifold assembly has leg octopus hydraulic pump assembly manual valve assemblies and a dump valve assembly.

Does octopus pump bring ram back? HALF THE POWER CONSUMPTION. tions of pumps and motors used on Stone hydraulic power units. There is a simple equation to calculate the hard over time:. What is octopus autopilot? Deep-Reach Suction Pumps for Fuel Remove liquid from hard-to-reach areas with a long, flexible intake tube that extends into deep and hard-to-access tanks. HALF THE CONSUMPTION Gear pumps leak oil between the gears, while a piston (such as used in car engines) does not. Gear pumps leak oil between the gears, while a piston (such as used in car engines) does not.

Page 110: Piston (Traction) Pump Piston (Traction) Pump 77 to 93 ft- -lb (105 to 126 N- -m) 103 to 118 ft- -lb RIGHT (140 to 160 N- -m) FRONT Figure 60 1. Hydraulic Hand Pump,2 Speed Power Pack Hose Coupler 10000 psi Hydraulic Oip Pump Hand Operated Pump Hydraulic Hand Pump Manual Pump CP-700 for Hydraulic Applications 4. (C) Hydraulic Pump Assembly that consists of these components: motor, motor starter solenoid, pump, reservoir tank and manifold assembly. The pumps are switched on by the automatic pilot and make a steering correction to left or right determined by the direction of rotation of the pump motor. HYDRAULIC REVERSING PUMPS 7 : FIXED FLOW “PROTOR” REVERSING PUMP PID Description Suggested Retail price 08CC/min - 12 VOLT (100cc – 180 cc CYLINDER) Normal Current 3 – 5 Amps (Peak current 19 Amps) On request.

PRINCE SP SERIES HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP A. 5 Benefits of Smart Technology in Extreme Duty Hydrostatic Pumps - Infographic. Any appearance of the Yanmar name, Yanmar logo, or Yanmar part numbers are for reference purposes only and does. J High Performance Hydraulic Pumps and Motors Expand Production in Lumber Mill. Seamless integration with our existing instrument system was a major benefit, as the autopilot can now do about everything a human helmsman can do, except keep a lookout. All necessary consultations and spares are provided by Santehsystems LLC. Yanmar is a registered trademark of YANMAR Co. The pumps are switched on by the automatic.

TYPE H – FOR BOATS WITH HYDRAULIC STEERING TYPE A - FOR BOATS WITH AN EXISTING AUTOPILOT • Connects to any hydraulic steering system • Rugged Octopus hydraulic pump • Adds pushbutton steering to your hydraulic steering • Current 3-6A Typical, 15A Peak • Includes all hoses and fittings • No need for additional drive units. Whatever your auto steering needs, from fishing boats and sailboats to yachts of all sizes and commercial vessels, Octopus has the right drive for you. You can use a Hydraulic Linear Drive made by Octopus (Part : OCTAF1212LAR12 or OCTAF1212LAM12). Performing minor repairs requires you remove the unit from the vehicle/machine. 5-499 Department of the Army Washingotn, DC, Hydraulics Table of Contents Page LIST OF FIGURES AND TABLES. Its components are basically the same as those of a typical refrigerator. OCTOPUS air-to-water heat pump is simply built and technically extremely reliable.

The norm for an inboard cylinder is 15sec. Octopus Variable Flow Reversing Pumps precisely control the speed of the ram, reducing unnecessary battery consumption, pressure, strain and wear on the hydraulic system. Insert the Pump Handle into the receptacle located at the top of the Pump Unit.

Octopus hydraulic pump assembly manual

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